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It seems like just yesterday we were making resolutions for the New Year, and it is Lent already.  Despite all our good intentions back in January, we have barely found time for most of our self-improvement promises -- much less keep any resolutions.
But that does not mean that these well-intentioned aspirations don't nag at our subconscious.  We know we need to be more centered, more "spiritual." And we would like to do that in community and in our families. Lent can be a time that we do something special that will bring us closer to God. Jesus himself needed time to nourish himself spiritually and focus on what God was asking of him. Lent can be that opportunity to renew ourselves and refocus on God's place in our daily lives.
(with apologies to Hart and Pieper, authors)
Come join us on this Lenten journey, in worship and fellowship.

Shalom ~ Chris Grewe


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    Grace and peace to you, in the name of Jesus Christ!

    Church family: for some people, these two words are synonymous.  For others, the family in which they grew up included a particular church, the celebrations and familiar feel of church.  For some, the words conjure up a closed picture of a clan you have to be born or marry into.  But that is not us.

    At Savage Memorial, we are proud to be a church family.  For us, that means people of all generations are valued and included.  That means the ties of love are continually extended to include new life, new people, new experiences.  Church family means we eat together, celebrate together, cry together, and grow together in faith.

    We welcome folks of every worldly condition into our church family, regardless of race, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, or economic condition.  We are committed to the grace of openness in extending the fellowship of Christ to all persons.

    We are members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and as such are a worship-centered, Biblically-ordered, and Spirit-led expression of the larger church.  Connections to other believers, congregations, and ministries keep us personally involved with Christís worldwide work.   In worship, fellowship, and mission, we joyfully give all praise and honor and glory to God.

    Our people are connected to the world and our communities.  Thoughtful awareness and genuine engagement with the workings of the world are valued here.  We come from around the corner, across the country, and the world over, and we relish the diversity of a family with broad roots.  Our dedication has long been captured in the line Ė To the Glory of God and the Service of our Community.  Yes, thatís us.

We invite you to join us as we offer ourselves to God and are prepared for Godís service in the world.  There is a place for you at our family table.

Shalom Ė Susan & Chris Grewe, co-pastors

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Savage Memorial Presbyterian Church
1740 SE 139th Avenue 
Portland, OR 97233-2311

Phone: 503.256.9933
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